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Suggestion Menu

  • Amuse bouche
  • Fresh anchovy with coeur de boeuf tomato
  • Chicken oysters with soya and edamame *
  • Haddock with cauliflower and baby leeks
  • Top sirloin cap with corn and peas
  • A selection of cheeses made by "Fried Elsen" **
  • A dessert of your choice

Three-course menu: €52
Three-course menu with selected wines: +€20
Three-course menu with selected beers: +€14

* Four-course menu: €62
* Four-course menu with selected wines: +€26
* Four-course menu with selected beers: +€18

** Five-course menu: €71
** Five-course menu with selected wines: +€31
** Five-course menu with selected beers: +€22

For a party of 7 persons or more, we only serve our menu. Do not hesitate to ask for more details!